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League Play:


 8:00  AM  Riverside Oaks
11:00 AM  Gulf View  (Running Start)


 7:30   AM  Men’s Handicap    (Howard Bell & Tom Hoey)
9:36   AM  Ladies’ Scramble  (Claudette Kemp & Gayle McAndrews)


 8:24   AM  Yellowball    (Jack Keiser)
11:00 AM Edgewater (Running Start)


 7:00 AM  Men’s Scramble  (Don Ladenthein & Jim Weidman)
9:44 AM Ladies’ Handicap  (Mary Hoey & Ruth Rosine)


8:00   AM  Chip Shots 
8:24   AM  Riverside Oaks
9:36   AM  Punta Gorda RV
12:00 PM  Ladies Scramble  (Judy Adams, Barb Vandegraff, & Barb Anderson


7:45   AM  Shell Creek Mens
9:30   AM  Ladies’ Handicap  (Pat Hannigan))


 10:00 AM   Sorry Dear      (Trim’s & Belden’s)
12:00 PM  Sorry Dear      (Keiser’s & Prisk’s)
 2:00  PM   Sorry Dear      (Lee’s & Yeiser’s)


Golf Safety

In order to promote course safety and more enjoyment for all golfers, the Golf Committee has established some safety rules:
1. When teeing off on Hole #1  –  Please stand to the right side of the Tee Box
2. When teeing off on Hole #3—Please stand behind the screen
3. When teeing off on Hole #4—Please stand to the right side of the Tee Box
4. When teeing off on Hole #9—Please stand to the left side of the Tee Box
5. Couples Golf— On Holes 5, 6, & 8—Ladies should stand to the rear of the mens Tee Box until all men have hit.